Press release


Strategic partnership to

strengthen common goal

in Danish resident buildings

Press release

The software company EnergiData and cleantech company Brunata have partnered up to deliver the complete solution within energy management to the building administrators, to the benefit for the economy, the indoor climate and the environment. 

Brunata’s customers can now use Energidata’s digital energy management system MinEnergi 2.0 to reduce the consumption of electricity, water and heat in a building. Energidata have developed MinEnergi 2.0, which makes it simple to ensure optimal use of the energi, and together with Brunata’s experience within consumption and property data, the partnership puts the customer’s energy savings in centrum.

“The partnership with EnergiData is a natural development for Brunata. As a supplier of metering devices and consumption allocation for over 100 years, Brunata has experience with residential buildings, and with the new strategic partnership, we will ensure our customers access to a whole new world of services, where a professional and easy solution within energy management can be combined with Brunata’s core business area of metering devices and consumption allocation.  It has been important to us to choose the partner that can give Brunata’s customers access to the best energy management solution. EnergiData, just like as, have a focus on delivering advanced technology and services easily. We can now deliver to our customers a safe and cost competitive offer on energy management as a supplement of our own products” says Jesper Holm Kristoffersen, VP Sales & Marketing at Brunata.

MinEnergi 2.0 have contributed to great savings on the energy budget for domestic and international companies since 1997, and the residental property segment shouldn’t be missed.

“Energidata supports large detail companies and municipalities to create an overview of the energy consumption, and we have a great position in those segments. Our experience with energy management systems will no doubt ease the work for building administrators, whether it is cooling analysis, comparison of energy consumptions or documentation of the CO2 emission” says Morten Dysted Dahl, administrative director at EnergiData, and adds “We see Brunata as a exceptionally competent partner within the segment of residential properties, and there is a gain for both companies, that the building administrators get delivered transparent and easily understandable consumption data with MinEnergi 2.0”

The new strategic partnership is now effective, and the first customers is expected to use MinEnergi 2.0 to optimize their buildings by spring 2020.